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Just thought I'd say HAPPY NEW YEAR to EVERYONE or ANYONE who still checks this!

A little update as to what's going on in my life; Currently, my old high school friend, who came to California as an exchange student from Japan, came to study English at a college in Chico... AND she's staying at my house for a week to visit me! So we are having fun going to malls, eating at restaurants, and seeing the sights! We might even go to Sea World sometime next week! Um, Christmas was most enjoyable with the family, and New Year's was even more so with family AND friends! <3 I hope everyone had fun during the holidays. As for this coming year 2008 and its resolutions, I resolve to study harder, obtain greater grades, eat healthier and actually go to the gym, save money, read more, and focus on maintaining happy relationships with everyone I encounter. And those are my resolutions for the year 2008. :D Anyone else wanna share their resolutions?

Anyway, on another note: I really did enjoy our class so much!
I wanna take another WOMENS STUDIES CLASSSS!!!! <3
Any suggestions as to which ones are good to take?

Hope everyone is doing well!


P.S. Anybody else got the flu bug? I've been sick for 3days... :(



Today I went on a little adventure to search for a second job,just to save some $$$ for next semester.
One application in particular, asked my major, and i felt SO proud to state Womens Studies.
Feels good.
I can't wait for next semester as I'm taking all Women Studies related classes....it's going to be amazing doing and learning about something i actually care about.

Well, everyone and anyone who's out there, Have a Wonderful Holiday, and relaxing winter break.
See you out and about soon

An update from me...

I thought I would write a quick blog just in case anyone is still checking this.  I wanted to let everyone know that our community will remain up and intact so you can visit it as often as you like.  It would be really cool if people kept up their blogging... you all have such wonderful things to say! 
Anyway, seriously, this has been such a wonderful semester.  Everyone has been so fantastic and I am really going to miss each and every one of you next semester.  Be sure to stop in and say hi.... or wave to me on campus..... or sit down for a chat. 

Anyway, thank you all for everything.  Enjoy your holiday break and I'll see you next semester!


Handmaiden's Tale, Every Womens Tale?

i'll be completely honest, when i first started reading this book...i was like, " Oh no! It can't be this boring..." 
I later found that the reason i had found it so borning was because i was trying to read it like some sort of text...quick and painless. 

So one sunday morning, lounging in the morning  sun while my boyfriend washed his car, he encouraged me to explain it to him. So i started from chapter one. I thought i would break it down for him chapter per chapter..but i couldn't help bring up great points from the book which was like every other paragraph. Then i couldn't even speak because i was so anxious to get to the next chapter. There is such intricate detail woven....almost literally woven into this book that if you speed up, you'll miss it. 

I'll tell you it knocked my socks off, with its eerie almost realistic world. It almost  feels ever so familiar and plausible that it makes you reconsider what you might have thought as impossible. 

i thought about how goverment is trying to restrict so many things on the basis of religion...ie: abortion or sex ed. i thought about how goverment is trying to make certain interests acceptable by playing on the faith of so many..ie. The war on terror.  I thought about how we judge others faiths and cultures so harshly because they are so different than ours. So quick are we to pick and choose who is happy and who is not. Though many thoughts ran through my mind i couldn't help but to wonder about  what Jodi had finally brought up in class,"...Don't give up too many of your freedoms...how quickly their world changed". I thought about our elections next year... our voice, our freedom so many times overlooked in the spirit of youth and its invincibility.  

Its a phenomenal book...and i am glad that we had it, because it made my brain work but also inspired my spirit! I was tired after reading it! :)


1st off i would like 2 say how horrible i feel. i can't remember the last time i blogged anything. in all honesty, i frequently 4get that this thing exists. shame on me...but i'm just that 4getful

the movie we watched on tues was a real eye opener. seriously, i didn't think that strippers were treated that badly. i mean, just because u strip gives no one the rite 2 degrade u or 2 assume that u would b ok that u r treated in that degrading manner. who the hell made these rules?? like when the guy ran out of the place with the video camera n management did absolutely nothing 2 stop him, just told the girls that in this business they should expect it. its like the management wasn't even following their own rules which i see as really hypocritical. not that most people care whether or not they're being hypocritical. all about the money these days. as long as someone is stringing along a profit, they usually don't care about what they're doing wrong.

anyways, getting back on subject...kind of, strippers r people 2!! they should b treated with the same respect n dignity that we want 4 ourselves!!

Handsmaid Tale

The book was very disturbing because of the government controlling the women. For one, I did not like the fact that their names were not their own.  Their names implied that they were property of their commande'rs name such as the character in book, Offred. There is no way that i will be someone else's property. The idea of it makes me sick to my stomach. The second situation that I disliked was the part where Serena Joy was in the same room while Offred was having sex with her commander. Im sorry but this is just plain wrong. I believe this would be equivalent to people having an affair but only a lil bit deeper then lets say the woman finding out about her husband cheating her. Finally, Offred's freedom which was so restricted but she still found ways to communicate with her friends. The only thing that she was aloud to do was shop which is what women do best or love to do supposedly. I do not like to shop very much, but I  do only during special sales at different stores.

The film we watched was very interesting on Live Girl Unite because strippers are not taken seriously as a person and they made very strong arguments on what type of job it was and how they also deserved union labor laws even though their job is considered immoral and petty.
The handmaids tale was also an interesting read and the first thing that did pop in my head was the book THE GIVER because it was a controlled society with set jobs and the handamids tale was also the same. On a side note the BEE movie also reminded me of controlled society because all the bees went to school to wind up in the end with the same job for the rest of their lives. 

Handmaids Tale vs. The Giver

Ok, so I only just now remembered about my blog... sorry! Well since I wasn't in class on Tuesday I am going to talk about The Handmaids Tale.  I wanted to compare it to the children's bool The Giver since I noticed a lot of similarities between these two books.  

The Giver also had its own society or community.  The community is highly controlled by the committe so much that childrens careers are chosen for them for at an early age.  One career that women can have is becoming a birthmother, giving borth to two or three children and then they become laborers.  The committe also chooses a spouse for you and once married you can apply for a child that one of the birthmothers had, because people in this community don't have sex.  Seriously, they are given a pill to stop their "stirrings" (sexual desires) at puberty, they don't even know what sex is!  Also, elderly people and unwanted babies are killed off as well as anyone else who breaks any rule.  Yet, the committe keeps the killing part secret.  

The fact that these two societies are so controlled and everyone in them seems so unhappy.  People in both societies are uneducated and the ways in which reproduction occurs is so out there. The Handmaids tale just reminded me over and over of the Giver.  Plus both ending were left open, something I hate.  the Giver has a little more closure than the Handmaids tale but not much.  Honestly, I wasn't the biggest fan of the Handmaids tale but I did really like The Giver.   


    I forgot to write my blog last time when we were discussing advertisements.  Class was pretty fun on that Tuesday when we brought our advertisements and shared them.  Its strange to see how polluted our media is with images of women portrayed as objects.  Many of the products being sold had nothing to do with the advertisement images.  It seems that media is just pushing it further and further in that direction though.  I feel that most of the public is starting to become desensitized to this type of advertising because it is so prevalent and surrounds us at all times, so only the way the advertisers think they can keeping getting attention is to keep pushing in that direction.  
    Hey, sorry for the late post.  I have conflicted feelings about the video on Tuesday.  I share the same feelings as some of you guys about strippers and the usage sexuality to make a profit.  I mean it seems kind of degrading for the women who do that, but if they don't feel that way about it I guess it doesn't really matter what I feel about it since I don't really take part and it doesn't really affect me.  It was interesting to see how the women came together and unionized.  Being the first strip club to unionize was a big deal.  Not only for the women involved, but for future generations of women in other work fields as well.  It was a big accomplishment. 
    I read The Handmaid's Tale a couple months ago.  I thought it was pretty good.  It was a dark book, but it did have some eye opening messages about feminism, government, and the treatment of women.  I know it is a work of fiction, but there are some important themes that our relevant to us in our present day society